Residential Purchase

Have you found the property you have been searching for but need assistance understanding the Terms and Conditions of the Contract of Sale? Schembri + McCluskys provide you with contract advice to ensure you are properly informed about your obligations as a purchaser as well as any conditions relating to the property itself.

Once you are satisfied with the Terms and Conditions of the Sale Contract and effect the purchase, we welcome the opportunity to complete your transaction through to settlement.

Once we are provided with the executed Contract of Sale and Section 32 Vendor’s Statement, we shall complete your transaction through to Settlement. Throughout this service we will liaise with banks and brokers, Estate Agents, Councils and other Government Authorities including the Land Titles Registry and State Revenue Office, ensuring everything is ready for Settlement.

In order to commence the process, we will provide you with a simple questionnaire to complete. You can complete and sign the questionnaire on any electronic device, including a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Our property law team handle hundreds of property purchase transactions each year for first home buyers, builders, families and investors alike.

With our wealth of experience you can be assured your transaction will be taken care of efficiently and seamlessly. Please contact our property law department on (03) 9331 3144 or

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